The requirements for the provision of SDA and the obligations imposed on registered providers are set out in legislation and a number of NDIA documents.

The legislation includes:

  • the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act);
  • the Rules made under the NDIS Act, in particular the NDIS (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules 2016 (SDA Rules), the NDIS (Supports for Participants) Rules 2013 and the NDIS (Registered Providers of Supports) Rules 2013;
  • State and Territory legislation, including codes and standards, that apply to the provision of SDA in each State or Territory.

The SDA Rules came into effect in March 2017. The SDA Rules deal with the criteria for when a participant will have SDA included in their NDIS plan, the dwellings that can be used for SDA and the payments that will be paid to registered providers of SDA. Most of the requirements and obligations in relation to SDA are set out in the SDA Rules.

The SDA Rules 2016 require all providers to be registered and all dwellings to be enrolled with the NDIA. This page sets out the information and processes for:

  • registering as a provider with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA); and
  • enrolling each SDA dwelling with the NDIA.

Further information is available in the sections below and providers should review the relevant legislation and guidance including registration processes and the toolkit available on the NDIS website.

Registering as a provider for SDA

The process for registering as a provider with the NDIA is consistent across all supports including SDA.

Providers are required to provide supports to participants consistent with the NDIA Terms of Business, Guide to Suitability and the Quality and Safeguards Working Arrangements which vary by jurisdiction. The NDIA Terms of Business and Guide to Suitability are available on the Provider Toolkit

An Addendum to the Terms of Business for SDA and the Guide to Suitability for SDA include additional provisions specifically related to SDA. Current providers and prospective providers of SDA must adhere to the Terms of Business, including the Addendum for SDA, and the SDA Guide to Suitability.

For information on becoming a registered provider with the NDIA, including the process for registration, please refer to the Provider Registration Toolkit .

Dwelling enrolment

All SDA dwellings must be enrolled with the NDIA. To enroll a SDA dwelling, registered providers are to complete the SDA Dwelling Enrolment Form and then submit it to the NDIA.

For more information on the definitions and terminology used in the Dwelling Enrolment Form please refer to the SDA Price Guide available on the SDA pricing and payments section of the website.

Dwelling Enrolment Forms must be submitted by an authorised representative of the registered provider and include a declaration that must be completed for the enrolment to be valid.

Completed Dwelling Enrolment Forms must be emailed to: .

Providers must also make an annual attestation for the purposes of Rule 7.24 of the SDA Rules, the annual attestation is included in the dwelling enrolment form and must be submitted 1 March of each year to:

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