Supported Independent Living Overview

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is help with and/or supervision of daily tasks to develop the skills of an individual to live as independently as possible. These are the supports provided to a participant in their home, regardless of property ownership, and can be in a shared or individual arrangement.

Assistance provided to a participant will be included as part of their plan depending on the level of support they require to live independently in the housing option of their choice.

Providers working with participants who require SIL supports in their plans can use the Provider SIL Pack to assist them in developing the necessary quote and supporting documentation.

The Provider SIL Pack contains a calculation tool and submission templates that help providers to detail and cost supports to help people build their capacity to live more independently.

All providers will be required to use the new SIL pack and quoting tool when submitting quotes for these services. The previous version of the template will be accepted up until 18 December 2018 as part of a transitional period.

Guide to using Provider SIL pack

The Provider SIL Pack, including the quoting tool and template, ensures an efficient and nationally consistent process and is intended to result in provider quotes being assessed in a timely and responsive manner.

The SIL Provider Pack includes:

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28 October 2019