Personal care is one of the disability-related supports students get at school. It forms part of the adjustments schools provide to personalise learning and support for students with disability. If you are at a government school, your state or territory government pays for the support and it is delivered by your school.

Personal care in schools supports help with personal care only, this service does not cover help with school work.

Schools often employ additional staff to support students with disability to access education. These staff provide a range of educational supports (such as helping with school work) and personal care supports (for example, helping at mealtimes). When ‘personal care in school’ appears in your plan, it is referring to personal care supports only, not any educational supports your school may also provide.

How to access these supports

Your school will talk to you and your parent(s)/guardian to work out and agree on the personal care supports you need at school. The school will then arrange those supports. Talk to your school for more information.

How the support is provided

Your school will provide you with any personal care you need and school staff will deliver your supports. School staff will also be supporting other students so their time may be split between you and other students.

‘Personal care in school’ is not like other supports that appear in your NDIS plan. When you see ‘Personal care in school’ support in your NDIS plan, it’s only there to show that you get the service. You do not need to use your NDIS funds to pay for this service, and you can’t manage it yourself.

The NDIS does not set out who provides these supports, when you receive them, or how much support you receive in the classroom. The school is responsible for delivering this service. You can’t use a different provider. If you have any issues, talk to the school first.

More information

For more information about personal care at school, speak to your school’s principal or your State or Territory education department (for government schools).

If you need more information about your NDIS plan, contact your Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator or NDIS planner. 

This page current as of
9 September 2020