Market Approach

The Market Approach outlines how the NDIA will work with service providers within the disability industry and the community to encourage and support growth in the market.

Market enablement - role of NDIA as market steward

The Market Enablement Framework discusses how the NDIA will fulfil its role as a market steward as the disability services market undergoes reform.

The framework details the processes and procedures the NDIA uses to assess market issues and ensure a vibrant and functioning disability services market.

Market monitoring

Market reports compare a number of market indicators across geographical regions and participant characteristics. Reports are produced regularly to assist stakeholders to understand market trends.

Market indicators include:

  • plan utilisation
  • market concentration
  • participants per provider
  • provider growth and shrinkage.

Quarterly reports and dashboards

The quarterly reports and dashboards provide information and data about participants and the funding or provision of supports by the NDIA in each area.

Benchmarking project overview

Benchmarking is a useful, reliable and powerful resource to make development easier.

Read more about financial benchmarking for the disability sector including current surveys and reports.

This page current as of
20 April 2021