Quarterly Reports

The quarterly reports provide the COAG Disability Reform Council with information (including statistics) about participants in each jurisdiction and the funding or provision of supports by the NDIA in each jurisdiction. The NDIA provides these reports to COAG following the end of each quarter by 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October.

Following consideration by the COAG Disability Reform Council, the quarterly reports are made available here.

Note: there have been some minor amendments to the versions of these reports provided to the COAG Disability reform Council to de-identify personal data within small population figures.

Previous quarterly reports can be found on the archive page.

2nd quarterly report: 2018-19 Q2

The infographics below provide a one page snapshot of some of the key statistics and a short case study for each state or territory. 

A range of state-specific information about the NDIS performance in this quarter has been compiled and can be found below.

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12 March 2019