Planning meeting checklist

What you should bring to your planning meeting

  • Your Booklet 2 - Creating your NDIS plan
  • Any letters from the NDIA
  • Your bank account details (if you are considering self-managing all or a portion of your NDIS funding)
  • Your myGov login and password details (if you need help with this, talk to your early childhood partner, LAC or NDIA planner).

You can also bring along a family member, friend, advocate or anyone else to your meeting. If you want help to arrange an advocate to attend with you, contact your early childhood partner, LAC or NDIA planner.

Planning meeting checklist prior to your meeting

  • Fill out Booklet 2 - Creating your NDIS plan including your usual week, things that are working well and if there is anything you would like to change.
  • Write down any questions you’d like to ask.
  • Decide who you would like to come to your planning meeting with you.
  • Gather any other information or reports you think would be helpful for the NDIS to understand the impact of your disability and your personal circumstances.

If you’ve completed all of the above, you're now ready for your planning meeting.

Your early childhood partner, LAC or NDIA planner will contact you to arrange a time that suits you to have your planning meeting.

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1 November 2022
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