What is myplace?

The NDIS participant portal is called myplace.

It is a secure website portal on the Australian Government’s myGov website where you or a person you trust (a nominee or child representative) can access your NDIS information.

What can I do on the myplace portal?

  • See your current plan and previous plans.
  • Check your contact details.
  • See messages from the NDIS.
  • Create and view payment requests.
  • Create and manage service bookings.
  • Upload documents, including assessments or service agreements.
  • Share your plan, or parts of your plan, with your service providers.
  • Find service providers.

How do I access myplace?

You will need a myGov account to sign in to myplace.

If you already have a myGov account for other government services such as Medicare, the Australian Taxation Office or Centrelink, you can use the same myGov account for the NDIS.

Visit myGov (external) (External website) to find out how to create your myGov account (external) (External website).

You will be given an activation code to use the first time you access the myplace portal. It is important that you access myplace as soon as possible after you receive your activation code, as the code will expire within 10 days.

If you need an activation code, or your activation code has expired, you can get another one by calling the NDIA on 1800 800 110 or contacting your ECEI Coordinator or LAC.

Where can I get help?

If self-managed participants need support using the portal there are resources available below or you can call 1800 800 110.

The myplace Step by Step Guide includes directions on using myplace.


If you need assistance with logging into myGov please call the myGov helpline on 13 23 07 and select option 1 (Operating Hours 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturdays and Sundays AEST) or you can go to the help section on the myGov website (external). (External website)

myplace hints and tips

What Internet browser is best to use?

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are the most compatible with the myplace portals. Download these browsers so you can use all the functionality of myplace.

Understanding a Service Agreement and Service Bookings

A Service Agreement is an agreement between a participant and a provider (usually written), it sets out the expectations for what types of services will be delivered. They do not appear in the myplace portal.

Service Bookings are used to reserve plan budget for products or services to be delivered by a provider, and are required so a provider can request payment in the myplace portal. Service Bookings are like a request for a service.

Plan information

Participants should check their plan and Service Booking information and contact their local NDIS office if information looks incorrect. The NDIA will then update the information on your behalf.

Providers claiming against self-managed participants

Only self-managed participants can submit their own Payment Requests in myplace.

If a provider has taken on a participant that was previously self-managed, the participant will need to approve this in the portal before a provider can submit a Payment Request on their behalf.

Participant Satisfaction Survey

We’d like to know about your experience with the NDIS. 

We’re inviting participants, their families and carers to tell us about their recent contact with the NDIS.

To let us know about your experience with us please log in to the myplace Participant Portal and go to the ‘complete survey’ link in the bottom right hand corner of the page. The survey should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

The survey collects information about your recent experience with the NDIS.

This information will support the Agency to measure the level of satisfaction with people’s NDIA experience.

The results of the survey are used to improve NDIA services.

Responses are private, and any identifying data is removed. We will not reply individually to people who complete the survey.  

Recent myplace updates

We are making more improvements to our myplace portal systems.

These changes are part of the NDIA's commitment to improving the experience for participants and providers with the NDIS.

A program of enhancements to make NDIS online systems easier to use commenced in July 2018 and will be rolled out progressively throughout the year.

October 2018 portal improvement

To make it easier to find and use information further enhancements will be made to the myplace portal from Monday 15 October 2018. Among the changes, participants and providers will be given more search functionality features and have access to new reporting mechanisms.

As part of enhancing service bookings, participants will be able to search by provider name or provider registration number, to find both active and inactive service bookings using a simple, text box search.

Providers will have the option to:

  • search and sort their service bookings more rapidly using a simple text box search;
  • download a report containing their service bookings and information such as participant name, support category, allocated and remaining amounts and date last modified;
  • download a report containing participant plan information that the provider has consent to view;
  • set how often they want to receive correspondence to their portal inbox about service booking changes; and
  • extend service booking end dates with acknowledgement of participant consent.

Further myplace portal enhancements will be progressively rolled out by the NDIA over the next 12 months.

The NDIA does not expect any interruption to the availability of the myplace portals while this enhancement is being delivered.

The user guides for these systems will be updated from Monday 15 October 2018 to support both participants and providers.

This page current as of
24 May 2019