Student transport is an in-kind service

During the first few years of the NDIS, states and territories will continue to fund and provide student transport. If your state or territory has approved your access to student transport then you will continue to use this service. You don’t need to use your NDIS plan funds to pay for it.

Student transport in a NDIS plan

Student transport may be in your plan as ‘in-kind’.

It will appear as a note in the Plan comments section. It will have words similar to:

'INKIND: Your school transport is provided through your state government within the state program guidelines and eligibility criteria. This In-Kind funded item is funded by your state government.'

Student transport funds

Student transport is directly paid for by state/territory governments, not the NDIS. You do not pay for this service out of your NDIS plan funds. When you see student transport support in your NDIS plan, it is only there to show you get the service.

Student transport providers

You can’t change your school transport provider. Your state or territory student transport program will continue to deliver this service.

This page current as of
10 May 2019