I want to move out of my group home, and I want to know more about ILO. Where do I start? 

You have already recognised that there are some things about your current living situation that are not working for you. 

The first thing to do is to talk to your family, friends and other people who support you about why you want to move and where you want to move to. They may have ideas about what supports would suit you. Perhaps you know people that have made similar changes to their life and you can talk to them about how they live.   

If you have a goal to explore home and living options, we’ll start by getting some information from you. We’ll ask you to complete the Home and Living Supports Request form

This will help us understand your support needs, so we can then discuss the home and living supports that best meet your needs. 

If you have support coordination as part of your NDIS plan, you can work with your support coordinator, your family or advocate to assist you to find more information about ILO and the living arrangements that would work best for you.  

You can also speak with your LAC or NDIA planner about how funding can be included in your NDIS plan to help you think about finding a different place to live. The first stage of ILO, called exploration and design, will allow you work through different living arrangements based on your needs and preferences.   

How will I know if an ILO is what I’m looking for now that I’m ready to move out of the family home? 

Moving out of home is a big milestone. This means you might need time to think about what’s right for you. 

If your disability means you need quite a bit of support, then it is worthwhile spending time thinking about what’s important about where you live and who you want to live with before you commence the exploration and design stage of an ILO.  

This will help you to understand if a flexible support approach - combining both formal and informal support - is right for you. The exploration and design stage of an ILO will allow you to discuss and think about lots of combinations of living arrangements and supports so that you can decide what works for you. 

Can I have ILO funding and supported independent living (SIL) funding in the same plan? 

ILOs are designed to be an alternative to SIL. You can use SIL funding while also exploring and designing your future potential ILO. Once an ILO Support Package is in your plan, your SIL funding will end.

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28 April 2022
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