The NDIA may assist you to replace your assistive technology without the need for a detailed assessment in certain situations. In general this only applies to AT costing less than $15,000.

Examples of when a replacement item may be appropriate include when your existing AT:

  • is damaged (not as a result of misuse or neglect). For example, general wear and tear of a manual wheelchair, such as significant stretching and sagging of the back rest and seat.
  • no longer in good working condition and cannot be repaired. For example, a Hi-Lo bed that can no longer be height adjusted for carers to tend to personal care tasks.
  • is close to, or has reached the end of its service life. For example, your wheelchair was supplied a number of years ago (more than 5 years old) and it isn’t suitable to continue to repair the item.
  • is no longer an appropriate size. For example, a child has outgrown their current shower commode and there is now a requirement for them to be remeasured.
  • has a surface area that has worn down or changed and is now unsafe and at risk of causing a pressure injury. For example specialised seating, prosthetic socket. 

What supporting documents do I need to provide?

During your planning meeting, you will be asked to provide at least one document from each of the following criteria:

Requirement: Evidence of existing use of requested AT support

Information that confirms the participant has previously been supplied/prescribed this AT item including specifications (which can also inform you of its age and sometimes service history). The document should include the participant’s name if possible.


  • Tax invoice, receipt or purchase order
  • Order confirmation letter or issue document from a state/territory service provider
  • Repair history from a repairer including a report stating the current item is in a condition beyond repair

Requirement: Evidence of no change to functional capacity

Information that indicates there has been no significant change to the participant’s functional capacity or no expected change to future functional capacity.


  • An existing AT assessment report (within 2years), which provides information about the participant’s current and future functional capacity relevant to the replacement item
  • A report from a suitably qualified practitioner confirming there has been no significant changes in the participant’s function or well-being in the last 12 months, or expected in following 12 months (this could be your GP).

Requirement: Evidence for cost of replacement AT

Information that indicates the cost of the requested replacement AT support. Generally, replacement AT above $15,000 will require detailed evidence, including assessment by a suitably qualified AT assessor if the delegate deems it necessary.


  • A single quote is required to confirm the cost of the item.
  • Quote aligns with the specifications of the existing AT.

What is the price limit for replacement AT?

This process generally applies to replacement AT that costs between $1,500 and $15,000. 

Lower cost items can be replaced using funding from your Daily Adaptive Equipment funding. Items greater than $15,000 may be considered for replacement AT on a case by case basis, however they normally become more complex and may require you to have a current AT assessment. 

Will I require another assessment from an Assistive Technology assessor?

You do not need to provide the NDIA with a new assessment report if you are replacing Assistive Technology that would be considered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) as replacement AT, and meets the above eligibility.

In some instances a new AT assessment may be required, this is generally when someone is requesting a new piece of AT, the replacement AT is complex with significant customisation, or there are a number of indicators to support a new AT assessment including the participant has communication difficulties, a cognitive impairment or limited access to informal supports.

Will I need to provide the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) with a quote?

Yes, you will be required to provide the NDIA with a quote for your replacement Assistive Technology, or a price to supply from a state/territory AT program.

If you have provided the NDIA with a quote for your AT within the last three (3) months for AT that you have not yet received, you will not be required to provide another quote. The amount of time that a quote is valid for often varies between providers. If you are unsure whether you may need a new quote, have a chat with your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

How long will it take for my equipment to be approved?

If your AT is considered by the NDIA to be replacement AT, your NDIS planner or LAC will include funding in your NDIS plan. Once your plan is approved, you will be able to purchase or source your replacement assistive technology from your preferred supplier.

If you need help to select, buy and set up, or to use your replacement assistive technology correctly, you will have funding in your NDIS plan (Capacity Building budget) which you can use to have an Assistive Technology Assessor or other suitable AT Advisor, assist you select, buy, set up or train you how to use Assistive Technology devices purchased with your NDIS funding. 

This page current as of
9 September 2020