Participant Portal User Guide

What is myplace?

The NDIS participant portal is called myplace. It is a secure website for participants or their nominee to view their NDIS plan, request payments and manage services with providers.

What can I do on the portal, myplace?

  • Create and view Payment Requests (previously known as claims)
  • Create and manage Service Bookings (a new way of linking to a provider)
  • View your contact details
  • View messages from NDIS
  • View referrals made for you
  • Instant message with your linked providers
  • Upload required documents
  • Locate Service Providers

How do I access myplace?

To access myplace, you need to be a NDIS participant, nominee or a child representative.

You will be provided with a unique activation code for the first time you access myplace.

Once you have an activation code, you can access myplace through the NDIS website or myGov.

Myplace is a secure portal on the myGov website, so you will also require a myGov account to sign in. Visit myGov (external) to find out how to create your myGov account (external).

Where can I get help?

If self-managed participants need support using the portal there are resources available below or you can call 1800 800 110 (Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm local time).

The myplace Step by Step Guide includes directions on using myplace.


If you need assistance with logging into myGov please call the myGov helpline on 132 307 and select option 1 (Operating Hours 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturdays and Sundays AEST) or you can go to the help section on the myGov website (external).

myplace hints and tips

Internet Browser

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are the most compatible with the myplace portals. Download these browsers so you can use all the functionality of myplace.

Understanding a Service Agreement and Service Bookings

A Service Agreement is an agreement between a participant and a provider (usually written), it sets out the expectations for what types of services will be delivered. They do not appear in the myplace portal.

Service Bookings are used to reserve plan budget for products or services to be delivered by a provider, and are required so a provider can request payment in the myplace portal. Service Bookings are like a request for a service.

Plan information

Participants should check their plan and Service Booking information and contact their local NDIS office if information looks incorrect. The Agency will then update the information on your behalf.

Providers claiming against self-managed participants

Only self-managed participants can submit their own Payment Requests in myplace.

If a provider has taken on a participant that was previously self-managed, the participant will need to approve this in the portal before a provider can submit a Payment Request on their behalf.

myplace updates - 23 July 2018

Service Bookings

Improvements will be made to the online service bookings system to give participants and providers greater choice and control.

Changes now give participants and providers the option to:

  • Edit new service bookings
  • Increase and decrease the price and quantity of each service booking
  • Immediately cancel a service booking
  • Receive a reason or explanatory note for why the provider rejected the revision

The changes will apply immediately to all participant and provider initiated service bookings created since July 9 2018. For bookings made prior to 9 July 2018, changes will take effect in subsequent upgrades.

myplace Provider Finder

Enhancements will be made to the myplace Provider Finder to support participants to find and connect with suitable providers based on their specific needs.

The latest enhancements will:

  • Make it easier to find providers, their location and hours of operation
  • Make it easier to find the right service in a participant’s preferred location
  • Include a new mapping tool that gives a more precise search response and location details
  • Allow participants to search for providers beyond the current 50km limit
  • Improve accessibility through the roll out of a new visual design and guided help text.

The NDIA is planning to implement further changes to the Provider Finder in coming months.

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