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A small number of these factsheets and publications are available in printed form, visit your regional office or call 1800 800 110 for information.

For a word list of common terms and acronyms, go to the Glossary.

Roll out information

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For participants

Participant booklets

Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey. The booklets are a practical tool to help people with disability, participants, their families, carers and the wider community to learn more about the NDIS, prepare for a planning meeting and to implement their plan.

The booklets are intended for use throughout a person’s NDIS journey and can be used to record key information, write questions and collect thoughts.

Booklet 1 – Understanding the NDIS

Booklet 1 covers:

  • Learning about the NDIS
  • Deciding whether to apply for the NDIS
  • Accessing the NDIS

Booklet 2 – Planning

Booklet 2 covers:

  • Understanding your current supports
  • Creating an NDIS plan to achieve your goals
  • Receiving an approved NDIS plan

Booklet 3 – Using your NDIS Plan

Booklet 3 covers:

  • Understanding what’s in your plan
  • Learning how to use your plan
  • Choosing and managing supports and services
  • Reviewing your plan and progress

Versions of the booklets in languages other than English will be available shortly. To request a Braille copy of these booklets, please contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110.

About the NDIS

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Starting your plan

Managing your plan

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Specific supports and services

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Introduction to the NDIS

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Starting your NDIS plan

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Connecting with the mainstream

For Providers

NDIA corporate documents

Roll out information

The NDIS is not available everywhere yet, see the Our Sites page to find out which areas currently have access.

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