Empowering Participants: Information, Assistance and Connections Grant Round - now closed

Thank you for your interest in the Empowering Participant: Information, Assistance and Connections Grant Round. Applications closed on 20 April 2023. Applications will be assessed in May and June. Information regarding results of the grant round will be released in June or July 2023.


In March 2023, the NDIA invited organisations to apply for grants to deliver innovative projects that empower NDIS participants to explore and understand their home and living possibilities as part of a second round of Home and Living Demonstration Projects. 

This was a national grant round that used a competitive, merit-based selection process to award the grants.

Up to $1.5 million of grant funding is being made available over 2 years (2023-24 to 2024-25) for successful projects.  

Projects will test and evaluate different models for providing NDIS participants with high quality information, assistance and connections about home and living options.  

More information about the grant round is available below.

Grant documentation

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