Participant Employment Strategy

The NDIS Participant Employment Strategy sets out the NDIA's vision, commitment and action plan for supporting NDIS participants to find and maintain meaningful employment.

Having a job benefits all people. It expands social networks, increases community connections, gives greater financial independence, improved health and wellbeing and a stronger sense of identity and self-worth.

Our goal is to have 30 per cent of participants of a working age in meaningful employment by 30 June 2023.

We will achieve this by delivering a comprehensive program of work across the following five key focus areas: 

  1. Increasing participant aspiration and employment goals in NDIS plans
  2. Increasing participant choice and control over pathways to employment
  3. Increasing market innovations that improve the path to paid work
  4. Improving confidence of employers to employ NDIS participants
  5. Leading by example as an employer.

We know that for people with disabilities, it can be hard to get a job and keep it. We are going to work hard to change that.

Together with participants, government, business and other stakeholders, we will work hard to support Australians with disabilities and in particular participants to pursue their employment goals and enjoy the benefits and rewards of work.

Finding, keeping and changing jobs has advice about pursuing your employment goals, or talk to your Local Area Coordinator or Planner.

This page current as of
9 September 2020