Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census

The APS Employee Census (APS Census) is an annual survey. The APS Census:

  • collects confidential information from staff in APS agencies on issues in the workplace, and 
  • allows the APS workforce to share their experiences of working in the APS. 

The APS Census measures:

  • engagement 
  • wellbeing 
  • innovation
  • communication and 
  • leadership.

The Australian Public Sector Commission (APSC) Privacy Policy (Part B)  states how the APS collects, uses and discloses personal information. This relates to all functions of the APSC, including the APS Census.

To find out more about the APS Census, visit the APSC’s dedicated APS Census webpage

2023 APS Census results

The 2023 APS Census ran from 8 May to 9 June. 

From the NDIA, 5,763 staff members responded to the 2023 APS Census. This represents 81% of the NDIA workforce.

Read the NDIA’s 2023 APS Census results:

Please email [email protected] for any enquiries about the APS Census.

Agency Action Plan

The NDIA’s Agency Action Plan lays out what the NDIA will focus on over the next year.

This is to improve the experience of Agency staff and our service to participants.

The Agency’s 2023 APS Census results were analysed.

This led to 3 key focus areas for the Agency’s Action Plan.

The 3 focus areas are: 

  • maintaining an inclusive workplace culture
  • maintaining the focus on safety, health and wellbeing
  • continuing to improve tools, resources and processes.

Results we celebrate in the Agency Action Plan include:

  • our connection to participants and the Scheme 
  • our inclusive workplace culture
  • our teams and leaders.

Over the next year, the Agency will track how the Action Plan is put in place.

Read the NDIA’s Agency Action Plan:

The Agency Action Plan is a key step in improving the experience of our staff.

This results in a better experience for participants.

Please email [email protected] for any enquiries about the APS Census.

Previous NDIA Census Results

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