Organisational structure

The current National Disability Insurance Agency's Organisational Structure is structured as follows.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Martin Hoffman was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the National Disability Insurance Agency on 4 November 2019. 

Participant Experience Delivery

Deputy CEO, Participant Experience Delivery (direct report to the CEO) – Jeremy Dean

  • General Manager, National Delivery – Scott McNaughton
  • General Manager, Operations and Support – Andrew Maitland 
  • General Manager, Reviews and Complaints – Tracy Muddle
  • General Manager, Partner and Contact Centre – Luke Napolitano

Design, Digital and Strategy

Deputy CEO, Design, Digital and Strategy (direct report to the CEO) – Oliver Bladek

  • General Manager, Participant Experience Design – Brett Bennett
  • General Manager, Strategy and Priorities – Hassan Noura
  • General Manager, Policy, Advice and Research – Sam Bennett
  • General Manager, Digital – Alex Stewart

Markets, Government and Engagement

Deputy CEO, Markets, Government and Engagement (direct report to the CEO) – Lisa Studdert

  • General Manager, Provider and Markets – Gerrie Mitra
  • General Manager, Government and ILC Programs – Liz Neville
  • General Manager, Communications and Engagement – Jamie Lowe

Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Deputy CEO Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (direct report to the CEO) – Victor Walter

  • Chief Risk Officer – Melissa Woodburn
  • Chief Counsel – Chris Burke

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer (direct report to the CEO) - Hamish Aikman

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer (direct report to the CEO) – Ian Frew

Scheme Actuary

Scheme Actuary (direct report to the CEO) – Sarah Johnson

This page current as of
8 January 2021