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Your NDIS application
You can ask for information about your NDIS application, including any information provided to support your application and the reasons for the access decision.

Your Current Plan
The Access Request Form (ARF) is the form you complete to apply for the NDIS. It also includes any medical documents you submitted with your ARF. Find out more about the ARF.
When we decide if you are eligible for the NDIS, we call this an ‘access decision’. We send you a letter to tell you if you are eligible, to explain the reasons for the access decision and your next steps. Find out more about the access decision letter.
A Supporting evidence form (SEF) can be completed to provide evidence to support your application. Find out more about the SEF.
Your NDIS plan (for current and past NDIS Participants only)
Your plan includes information about you and your goals, what supports you need, and the funding the NDIS will give you. For your current plan, you can request the information we used to make the decision, the reasons for the decision, and a copy of your plan.
This is the information collected at your planning meeting and includes your participant statement, goals, support needs and the planning conversation.
These are the reasons why we made decisions about your NDIS supports.
Your plan includes information about you and your goals, what supports you need, and the funding the NDIS plan will give you.
Your internal review of an NDIA decision
This is a copy of the letter we sent you following the outcome of your internal review of a decision under section 100 of the NDIS legislation. Find out more about internal review processes.
Other documents (including medical)
Other documents, including medical documents that you have provided to the NDIA:
Medical documents provided to the NDIA as supporting evidence for access or planning decisions. Examples of medical documents and assessment reports include letters from doctors, reports from allied health professionals, and support provider reports. Please note, only medical documents related to your most recent plan will be provided. If you need access to other medical documents, please email us at [email protected].
This information provides the primary (and/or secondary) recognised disability listed for participants of the NDIS. The information would be provided in a one-page document.
A roster of care for people in supported independent living arrangements lists the support ratios needed by the participant and the times and days these supports are provided.
When a participant requests specialised disability accommodation in their NDIS plan a summary of the decision is written. This is called a home and living supports decision. Home and living supports decision letters are available for decisions made after June 2022. Any decision made prior to this will be included in a participant’s plan approval letter.
A Payment Summary lists the payments made by the NDIA for supports in your NDIS plan. This is usually provided to legal firms representing participants in a personal injury claim. Find out more about payments.
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We will action your request when you give us:

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Contact us

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need help to make your request. Please note that the Participant Information Access (PIA) Team only provides access to documents, and cannot make any changes to plans or decisions. If you have questions about your plan, a decision, or information within the documents provided, please speak with your local area coordinator or planner.

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Your information will be used to process your request and may be used for other purposes if you have consented or it is required or authorised by law. Get more information about the way the NDIA will manage your personal information, including our privacy policy.