Participant Service Improvement Plan

The Participant Service Improvement Plan sets out what we are going to do over the next two years to deliver a Scheme that meets participants’ expectations.

It explains the practical changes we’re making so that the NDIS works better for everyone; for participants, their families and carers, their providers, the broader community, and for us.

We won’t deliver these improvements all at once, we will gradually make improvements to the Scheme and we’ll tell you when we have made these changes.

The changes we have made to improve the NDIS (as at 21 September 2020):

  • You now have the name of a real person on our letters to you. If you enquire, this will make it faster and easier to find the best person to help you.
  • Health and Justice Liaison Officers are helping people interact with the NDIS.
  • You can now access your personal data and plan details without having to ask through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.  
  • You will have a current contact for all your interactions with us. Your NDIS contact is listed on the myplace portal.
  • We are making our guidelines and procedures clearer. We have updated two of our Operational Guidelines, the first step in updating all of our Operational Guidelines.  

Participant Service Improvement Plan

The Participant Service Improvement Plan is current as at 30 June 2020. We’ll update the Plan as we make changes to improve the Scheme. 


We welcome your feedback as we make these changes. You can fill in the online feedback form or email us

This page current as of
21 September 2020