Participant Service Improvement Plan

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The Participant Service Improvement Plan 2020-21 sets out what we are going to do to deliver a Scheme that meets participants’ expectations.

It explains the practical changes we’re making so that the NDIS works better for everyone; for participants, their families and carers, their providers, the broader community, and for us.

We won’t deliver these improvements all at once, we will gradually make improvements to the Scheme and we’ll tell you when we have made these changes.

Participant Service Improvement Plan

The Participant Service Improvement Plan is current as at 23 July 2021. We’ll update the Plan as we make changes to improve the Scheme. 

In July 2021, the Commonwealth, state and territory disability ministers made the decision not to proceed with the introduction of independent assessments. We have archived information about independent assessments and how they were proposed to work. We have kept the policy proposals publically available in the History of the NDIS.

Our progress

You can track the changes outlined in the Service Improvement Plan (SIP) below.

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31 August 2021